Sámi and Norse faith

The Sámi had an encompassing faith which had no limit to the number of gods one could believe in. So the Sámi incorporated many gods and rituals from other faiths they came into contact with over the course of time.

Norse and Sámi culture shared many things in common and they influenced each other. For example, both groups believed in the god Thor. In Sámi he was also called Dierpmis og Hovrengaellies (sřrsamisk) and was one of the most important gods, especially for men. His image appears on many of the surviving drums.

The Norse sagas tell of Sámi witchcraft. This was thought to be especially powerful. Gunnhild, the daughter of Ossur Tote of Hĺlogaland, was therefore sent to two Sámi in Finnmark to learn witchcraft. There she met Eirik Bloodaxe, whom she married.

Gunnhild became known as a woman very skilled in the art of witchcraft, which she used to influence politics. In the end she was killed and sunk in a bog by Hĺkon the Good.

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Vikingetid: Religion i det samiske og norrřne Nord-Norge

Noaiden i samisk tradisjon

Dierpmis slik han ble avbildet pĺ trommer